How to overcome neurosis?

Neurosis is a disorder of mental activity affecting the whole organism as a whole. Also, this disease can be characterized by a functional imbalance of the nervous system.

Often the causes of symptoms are prolonged psycho-emotional stress, stressful situations, overwork, severe illnesses and many other factors that negatively affect the body systems.

Symptoms of neurosis

Manifestations of neurosis primarily affects the emotional sphere. A person can become irritable, quick-tempered. There is also a sharp change in mood, loss of strength, sleep disturbance and a feeling of fatigue.

Symptoms of neurosis can also manifest themselves in the form of physical problems – headaches and heart pains, changes in blood pressure, increased heart rate or tachycardia, negative autonomic reactions.

Diagnosis of the disease

The process of establishing neurosis and determining the patient’s condition can be carried out on the basis of a comprehensive study by doctors of various specializations, examination and questioning of the patient. Often, neurosis is disguised as other types of diseases, so a thorough examination can eliminate the wrong diagnosis, reaching the true ailment, the treatment of which is within the competence of neurologists and psychotherapists.

Prevention and treatment of neuroses

Preventive measures include a set of methods aimed at improving the psychological state of a person and stabilizing the functioning of the nervous system. In the foreground is the adjustment of lifestyle, excluding emotional and nervous strain. Along with drug therapy, qualified assistance from a psychologist is important, which will help to effectively counter the main causes of neurosis – stress.

Ways to treat neurosis

Effective methods of treating neurosis should completely eliminate the causes of the development of this disease.

The main direction of therapy in this case is psychological assistance, which reveals psychotraumatic circumstances and methods of dealing with this kind of condition.

Sedatives and antidepressants are prescribed in parallel with the course of psychotherapy. This combination allows you to comprehensively influence both mental and physiological causes of neurosis.

Reflexology, massages and acupuncture can have a relaxing effect. Cope with stress and its consequences will help the correct lifestyle, a balanced diet, good sleep and physical activity.

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