Schizophrenia: Individual or Group Lessons

Psychotherapy for schizophrenia in the vast majority begins with individual meetings with a psychotherapist. The method of treatment chosen by the specialist is reflected in the specifics of the further course of the disease. The main emphasis should be on the relationship of the patient with the therapist.

Individual psychotherapy for schizophrenia

The problem with the positive dynamics of change in the treatment of schizophrenia may be that the patient refuses to admit the presence of the disease to the last. This may entail minimal use of drugs, refusal to use them, or a limited time of drug treatment.

Naturally, after an untimely interruption of treatment, the course of the disease worsens and patients are re-admitted to the hospital. In parallel with psychotherapy, psycho -educational classes are held. They mean:

– The patient is introduced to the specifics of the disease.
– Analyze similar cases. – Show how to recognize negative symptoms. – Learn to recognize exacerbations at an early stage.

Group therapy is especially popular and effective for such diseases. This allows the patient to see similar cases of the development of the disease, as well as directly see the symptoms and realize that this is how the disease can manifest itself. If the patient refuses group lessons, as he is embarrassed to fully talk about the individual characteristics of the course of the disease, it is recommended to use individual lessons.

Why psychotherapy is needed for schizophrenia

The main thing is to choose the right specialist for the patient. The effectiveness of such treatment directly depends on the skills and knowledge. The schizophrenia psychotherapist must maintain a respectful distance from the patient. The depth of knowledge of a specialist in this matter is also very important. It is the qualification and the ability to establish contact that will help the patient to be open, sincere. This will speed up the onset of remission.

Psychotherapy, in fact, pursues the following main goal: the formation of the correct attitude of the patient to the disease, as well as understanding the factors that can have a negative impact and aggravate the condition.

Family psychotherapy in the rehabilitation of patients with schizophrenia is also very effective. Firstly, it forms the right attitude towards the disease among relatives, and also helps them adapt to subsequent treatment, orients them in the main nuances of the formation of relationships.

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