What is the Oedipus complex and how does it manifest itself?

In all countries of the world, the phenomenon is quite common when, in childhood, young fidgets express a sudden desire to marry or marry one of their parents. Some adults are touched by such statements of fidgets, but most mothers and fathers agree that such thoughts of a son or daughter are not normal. In psychology, this state of affairs is considered one of the manifestations of the Oedipus complex. That is why a child who shows excessive affection for a parent of the opposite sex is overly attracted to his mother or father, and accepts the other parent as his rival. According to Freud’s theory, such a child gradually develops sexual attraction to the parent of the opposite sex. Moreover, the concept of ” oedipal complex” can be applied to children of both sexes.

Key aspects of the complex, fraught with danger

The complex, named after the ancient Greek hero Oedipus, who killed his own father and married his mother, echoes the torments that he faced according to history. Feeling remorse, Oedipus suffered until his death, first blinding himself, then quarreling with the children, and subsequently completely experienced a sharp fence from society.

At the initial stage of the complex, the attraction that young children experience for a parent of the opposite sex is a relatively normal state of mind. However, as the child grows older, a number of problems begin, and if the teenager does not overcome the problems that have arisen in time, he is guaranteed to experience considerable difficulties in the future.

Freud’s followers believe that it is usually easier for boys to cope with this phenomenon because of the subconscious fear of castration. At the same time, in some cases there is a risk of encountering difficult trials while getting rid of such a psychological defect. Other experts in the field of psychology agree that the presence of the ” oedipal complex” in adolescents and adults indicates a lag in the individual’s psychological development.

Also, the complex can often lead to the lack of independence of a teenager, who, under the influence of the mother, who is the only ideal, becomes more feminine in behavior. Girls subject to this disorder acquire masculine traits due to attachment to their father. Young people in most cases will experience considerable difficulties in communicating with the opposite sex, which only gets worse over time.

Effective elimination of the Oedipus complex

The manifestation of such a complex in boys and girls differs due to the fact that maternal and paternal love are concepts of a different nature. Father’s love, which comes from the mind, is demanding, while mother’s feelings are characterized by emotionality, unconditional acceptance of the child. Due to the emergence of a love craving for the father, the girl becomes strong in character, and the boy becomes more passive in the presence of feelings for the mother.

However, in the matter of curing a child from the “ oedipal complex”, the approach to therapy is largely similar for children of both sexes, regardless of age category. It is important to start treatment from an early age of the child, because when adolescence is reached, the therapeutic process will be much more difficult to implement.

In addition to the individual instructions of a psychologist, which parents need to visit with their child, it is important to follow several rules.

1. Both mother and father give time to the growing son or daughter to the same extent. Demonstrating an example of harmonious relations between parents will help the baby to clearly see how communication with the opposite sex should be built. At the same time, the son’s hatred for his father will subside faster, and the competition between the girl and her mother will greatly slow down.

2. It is necessary to encourage the switching of the boy’s attention to peers in time, and to reinforce the girl’s interest in boys with encouraging words.

If the complex is in a neglected state, you still do not need to give up. A trip to a competent psychotherapist with impressive work experience should be the first step towards the treatment of this disorder. Communication of a representative of the stronger sex in male companies can act as a reinforcing action to achieve a successful outcome of therapy. Girls need to be more often surrounded by other women who will be able to become a positive role model.

Despite the fact that the “ Oedipus complex” is a rather complicated phenomenon, it is possible to get rid of a psychological defect at any age. In terms of time in each case, this may take months or several years, but the beneficial result obtained can certainly be achieved.

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