Causes of depression

How firmly this completely medical word has entered our everyday language! A slightly bad mood, lasting a day or two – problems at work, disagreements in the family … who doesn’t have them? – and immediately “I have depression …” Nostalgic mood or simply sadness and drowsiness from bad weather – again “depression”. Of course , this is not depression at all , but our emotional life, a normal reaction to all kinds of negative events, undesirable phenomena. These emotions are fleeting, usually mildly expressed and often pass without harm to the psyche, and with the correct internal assessment, they increase mental stability, “temper” the soul. Even a severe and more prolonged reaction, caused by a serious stress, a tragic event, can not be called depression, unless it is accompanied by a well-defined “set” of symptoms. A person who has managed to rise above grief, include it in his life experience, who has overcome it, albeit at a high cost, is usually free from depression.                          

Other things also happen. At some point or gradually, a person ‘s mood has fallen steadily, for a long time (more than two months) and fundamentally, a seemingly completely unreasonable melancholy has arisen , or its reason does not correspond to the depth of feelings, and with it – irritability, anxiety, sometimes aggressiveness, a feeling of emptiness and loneliness even when surrounded by family and friends. The “taste for life” has been lost . What used to bring pleasure has ceased to please. Weakness, malaise, sweating, palpitations, rapid fatigue appeared. Perhaps such conditions occurred periodically during adolescence. However, the person himself and his relatives are accustomed to considering them simply “individual character traits”, manifestations of his weakness … In short – whim, laziness. The general verdict: there is no need to hang out around the doctors, you need to pull yourself together, show will.                    

Meanwhile , it is in such manifestations that real depression can be rooted , which has a habit of gaining ground, gradually getting worse, destroying both the psyche and the entire body as a whole. This condition is necessary and can be treated!       

Here you can find out the latest scientific information about where it all the same comes from, this depression, and what are the mechanisms of its development …    

In short, the causes of depression lie in biological, psychological and social factors . In their unfavorable, unsuccessful (for depression, alas, just a successful combination!)      

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