If you are depressed, I have two news for you

The bad news is that for severe depression, not just melancholy, there is no magic pill or practice that will solve all problems.
From milder conditions – there is, and you are very likely to find it either on your own if you make an effort, or if you contact a good psychotherapist.

Now the good news.
Even if you have really severe depression and you are desperate, you have every chance to live and feel life even if you no longer believe in it, as I did not believe for ten years.

The human psyche is much more flexible than most people imagine. You can reverse childhood trauma. You can teach the receptors to respond again to the “hormones of happiness” and you can teach the body to produce them. You can create will and faith in yourself out of nothing, bit by bit. You can learn to want to live. You can learn to dream again. You can learn to be happy and smile. You can learn to build strong relationships with people. You can achieve success in society, or what you personally consider success.
Even if now it seems that you can’t do anything.

Depression is undeniably a huge disease.
But even she has some bonuses if she can overcome it. For example, people with a tendency to depression have more elastic thinking and a greater potential for developing emotional intelligence through constant reflection. This is quite logical: a person who has been to “hell” and got out of it can do more than those who have never been there.

I know this because I went through all these stages myself and helped many people with a similar ailment go through. Helping others was one of the steps to gain a sense of self-worth.
It is important for everyone to feel needed and significant, especially for people with depression.

The time I spend on posts I could invest in life or business. But if I know that what I write is useful, I will continue.

Therefore, if what I write is interesting to you, and even more so if you find something useful, comment and like on social networks, repost, post links to this blog, share your opinions.

I want to help, but I also need your support.

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