Marasmus is an irreversible condition that characterizes a violation of the cerebral cortex as a result of the natural aging of the human body. The so-called dementia resembles schizophrenia in signs and manifestations . Age is a key factor in the development of the disease. However, the symptoms of insanity do not appear in everyone. Experts point out that women and men with signs of this disorder should undergo specialized treatment and are always supervised.

Why does this disorder occur?

Insanity in psychology has been known for a long time, but it was often confused with schizophrenia. The true causes of the disease lie in the lack of renewal of nerve cells, which is why nerve impulses do not pass so quickly. Hence there is a deterioration in the reaction, facial expressions, loss of memory. Often, signs of psychological illness appear in each generation along one line or another. And as soon as the first signs of insanity were discovered, it is worth contacting specialists and establishing an accurate diagnosis.

Similar disorders also occur against the background of diseases. For example, Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease. And sometimes the reason lies in only a lack of vitamins, proteins in the body, because of which the work of the brain is disrupted. And only doctors (in particular, a psychiatrist) can determine effective methods of treatment.

Stages of manifestation of the disorder

The following stages of insanity are distinguished:

– Presenile insanity (may occur already at the age of 40, difficult to diagnose);
– Senile insanity (a classic manifestation of the problem in people over the age of 75).

In addition to the stages, there are different degrees of complexity of the course of the disease. The easy stage is characterized by full preservation of self-service. But with a moderate disorder, a person can already forget how to use electrical appliances, forget his address and even his name. In the most difficult stage, a person needs constant help and treatment of insanity in psychiatry. At home, it is very difficult to transfer the symptoms both for the person himself and for his relatives.

How to treat insanity

Knowing what insanity is and how it manifests itself, one can determine the potential course of the treatment course. In the early stages, there are effective ways to restore the working capacity of the brain. And the successful results of the restoration have long been known in Moscow and other Russian cities.

At the first stage, the maximum saturation of the body with useful vitamins and minerals is ensured. So the body receives building material (protein) and vitamins for stable operation. Further, drug treatment is used in tandem with the psychoanalytic method. For example, antidepressants, homeopathic remedies and nootropics are actively used .

Proper treatment contributes to the improvement of a person’s health or the stagnation of a mental illness. This is necessary for further preservation of activity and memory with the possibility of self-service.

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