Modern treatments for schizophrenia

” Schizophrenia ” is a disorder characterized by the splitting of thinking, emotions and behavior. People are often afraid of this word – “schizophrenia”. Usually the word “schizophrenia” is associated with words such as crazy, insane. The layman believes that schizophrenia is incurable. However, in reality, everything does not look so tragic.      

Modern treatment for schizophrenia

Modern medicine has made great progress in the diagnosis of schizophrenia, the study of its causes and mechanisms of development. Effective treatment for schizophrenia has become possible.  

It is important to timely and accurately recognize the onset of schizophrenia, to prescribe a comprehensive and adequate treatment, to build a well-thought-out system for the rehabilitation of a patient with schizophrenia, to teach him and his family members the correct behavior.     

At present, there are the following symptoms of schizophrenia:  

  • productive symptoms (most often delusions and hallucinations) 
  • negative symptoms (decreased energy potential, apathy, lack of will)
  • cognitive impairments (disorders of thinking, perception, attention, etc.). 

For the treatment of schizophrenia to be effective, it is necessary to choose the right medications that eliminate the symptoms of schizophrenia, have a minimum number of side effects and do not affect the quality of life of a person. K Unfortunately, many schizophrenic patients initially receive inadequate treatment of older drugs (haloperidol, triftazin etaperazin and al.), Which have a large number of side effects have an impact on negative symptoms and cognitive impairment.         

Current treatment of schizophrenia necessarily involves himself psychotherapy. Most often it is carried out in an individual form and requires a lot of experience from the psychotherapist. With special training conducted sick. It is important to conduct family therapy, to provide the patient and his family members with all the information necessary for the successful treatment of schizophrenia.        

In schizophrenia, it is important to achieve full cooperation with a doctor, to train a patient with schizophrenia to independently cope with the first symptoms of the disease, emphasizing the importance of adherence to the regimen. People with schizophrenia mistakenly lose faith in the successful outcome of treatment and may commit suicide, especially if they have symptoms of depression.      

Treatment for schizophrenia “Anti-virus”

Modern research aimed at identifying the causes of schizophrenia, isolate viruses as one of the factors in the development of the disease. As a result of studies conducted by American scientists from Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore), anti-inflammatory markers are increased in patients diagnosed with schizophrenia compared to healthy people. According to statistics, patients showed an increase in the level of antibodies to the presence of viral agents such as herpes virus, retroviruses, coronavirus, measles and influenza.   

Taking as a basis the hypothesis of the paramount importance of immunity in the development and treatment of schizophrenia, scientists conducted an experiment to increase immunity in a group of patients. The result was an improvement in cognitive functions – speech, thinking, memory – as well as an improvement in the functioning of the blood vessels in the patients’ brain. 

On the basis of the above studies, domestic scientists have developed an antiviral method for treating schizophrenia or the “Anti-Virus” method. This method is aimed at increasing the patient’s immunity and neutralizing viruses and includes the following steps:

  1. Diagnosing schizophrenia with genetic analysis and antibody testing  
  2. A course of monotherapy using a drug selected as a result of diagnostics
  3. Taking immunomodulators
  4. Taking antiviral drugs
  5. Patient monitoring

To achieve the greatest effect, this method is used in combination with non-drug methods of treatment, the main of which is psychotherapy.

Remember : in fact, there is a way out, it must be found. This can be done faster and better with a qualified technician.   

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