What is Ganser Syndrome ?

People who need sympathy and attention from others sometimes experience an acute mental disorder similar to severe manifestations of schizophrenia . Hysterical twilight clouding of consciousness is accompanied by disorientation, manifestation of indifference. It lasts for several days, after which amnesia sets in.

What causes Ganser syndrome

The development of Ganser ‘s syndrome is caused by unfavorable living conditions. It is no coincidence that the first known cases were found in individuals serving prison sentences. Such an environment leads to severe chronic stress, because it is associated with manifestations of strong negative emotions.

In other cases, the disease developed in people who needed guardianship, manifestations of sympathy. They tried not to bring communication with others to the stage of conflict, clash. This was due to fears about conflicts themselves or the consequences of their occurrence.

Risk groups are clearly distinguished , for whose representatives the likelihood of developing Ganser syndrome is much higher:

– teenagers and young people;
– persons prone to antisocial behavior, including due to appropriate upbringing.

Increase the likelihood of this mental disorder traumatic brain injury, alcohol , drug and toxicological addiction, psychopathy and manic-depressive psychosis .


The most striking manifestations of the syndrome: passing speech , passing actions . Reacting to changes in the situation, the patient seems to be trying to answer correctly, to perform the necessary actions, but makes elementary and ridiculous mistakes. An attack can also manifest itself :

– loss of sensitivity of the skin. At the same time, pain, changes in temperature do not cause a reaction;
– disturbed spatial orientation; – Difficulties in perceiving the real world; – minimization of contacts with the closest environment; – affects; – sudden abrupt changes in mood, for example, the transition from fear to joy; – the occurrence of visual hallucinations; – short-term seizures that mimic a severe mental illness.

Characteristically, after a few days, the symptoms will disappear and memory loss will develop.

Diagnosis, treatment and prevention

To establish and confirm the diagnosis, it will be necessary to involve specialists in the field of psychiatry and neurology. You will need: X-ray and MRI, analysis of clinical signs, study of anamnesis, psychiatric examination, additional studies.

Sometimes the patient is advised to change the environment so that the traumatic situation ceases to affect him. To remove the patient from the acute phase of the pathology, chlorpromazine is prescribed. It is also possible to use other pharmacological agents if Ganser’s syndrome is accompanied by other mental disorders.

Further psychotherapeutic treatment is carried out. The patient may be recognized as a carrier of a threat to himself and others. In this case, the decision is made to isolate him. For example, a person serving a sentence is transferred to a prison hospital, which at the same time provides the effect of a change of scenery and alleviates the impact of chronic stress.

Proposed prevention measures for Ganser’s syndrome are of a general nature. It is recommended to avoid situations and behavior that contribute to the development of the syndrome. It is important to provide the necessary medical care as soon as possible in order to avoid further development of the pathology.

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