Psychosomatics Louise Hay

The name of Louise Hay is heard by many people, even those who are not interested in psychosomatics (a section of psychology about the connection between body and soul). And among those who take care of their body and mind, the philosophy of Louise Hay enjoys special honor. The author is respected, her opinion is listened to, her books are read.

Who is Louise Hay

Louise Hay is a psychologist, teacher, and founder of the self-help movement. The woman has no medical education, but her life experience, inner wisdom and knowledge helped hundreds of thousands of people to be healed. Her book You Can Heal Your Life has been translated into 30 languages, distributed in 33 countries, and has a combined circulation of 50 million copies. But the demand for the book is growing every year.

Louise took up psychosomatics after she faced oncology – uterine cancer. Once a woman realized that without a change in thinking, it would not be possible to defeat the disease. Then she began to understand her subconscious (introspection, work with a psychologist, coach) and found out that the true cause of the disease is negative thinking, old psychotrauma and resentment.

At the age of five, Louise was raped, and her entire childhood was spent in conditions of authoritarianism, punishment, beatings and humiliation. It is not surprising that the attitude “I am unworthy” and an aversion to the female body gradually formed. It was the rejection of oneself as a woman, dislike for oneself and an old resentment that caused oncology. Louise was eating herself from the inside. With the power of thought, she was able to overcome the disease, and after that she became even more closely engaged in the study of psychosomatic problems, began to help other people. Today, the psychology of Louise Hay ‘s diseases is known throughout the world.

What Louise Hay writes about psychosomatics

According to the psychosomatics of Louise Hay , at the heart of every disease lies an intrapersonal conflict. Without his permission, diseases will return again and again. Louise spent decades studying health problems and their causes, as a result of which she compiled an extensive table of psychosomatic diseases. It presents a description of the psychosomatics of diseases: the causes and methods of treatment of almost all known diseases.

Table of psychological causes of diseases according to Louise Hay

You can find a complete table of diseases in the book “Heal Yourself”. As part of our article, let’s look at some of the most popular diseases.

What you will find in the table:

  • disease names in alphabetical order;
  • emotions are the causes of diseases;
  • affirmations to help you change your mindset.

So, psychosomatics Louise Hay (table of diseases):

Disease/OrganPsychological reason/meaningaffirmation
AbscessObsession with revenge, haunting resentmentI say goodbye to the past, I give freedom to thoughts. I have peace in my heart.
AlcoholismSelf-loathing, guiltI live for today, every day brings me joy and something new. I appreciate, love and support myself.
AllergyIntolerance to someone or somethingI live in peace with life, I’m not in danger.
ApathySuppressed fear, resistance to the worldI am ready to go through all life’s difficulties. Every feeling deserves expression.
Hips: diseasesLack of purpose and meaning in life, fear of moving forwardI am stable. I am happy and easy going forward.
PainChronic guilt, need for punishmentNow I am free and calm. I am happy to let go of the past.
wartsInferiority complex, self-hatredI am beautiful and harmonious. I love myself.
bulimiaFear, hatred, hopelessness, need for love combined with repressed aggressionLive safely. Life loves and supports me.
Ingrown toe nailAnxiety, fear, guilt associated with your growth and progressI am free and have the right to choose the direction of life. Nothing threatens me.
Viral infectionsJoylessness of lifeI take joy, let it flow through me
MiscarriageFear of the futureI love and appreciate myself. Everything that happens in life is valuable and useful.
GastritisFeeling of doom and uncertainty, inability to digest somethingLive safely. I love and accept myself.
HaemorrhoidsAnger and other repressed emotions, fear of separation, fear of not meeting the allotted timeI am free to do what I want. I say goodbye to everything but love.
Herpes simplexSuppressed feelings of bitterness, desire to do bad thingsI live in peace and love.
Eye diseasesUnwillingness to look at what surroundsI create my own life. Now I enjoy looking at her.
StomachFear of the new, inability to digest somethingI absorb and digest everything.
StutteringThe ban on self-expression and the release of feelings, uncertaintyI can express my opinion, stand up for myself.
Fluid retentionFear of losing somethingI easily and joyfully part with it
Smell from the mouthIntrusive past, repressed anger, thoughts of revengeNow only love lives in me. I part with the past.
dental diseasesIndecisiveness, inability to analyze the situationEverything that happens in my life is right. My decisions are based on truth.
RachiocampsisLack of support in life, fear of self-expression, suppression of emotions, chronic dissatisfactionI know that life helps me. I am free from fear. I have a straight and proud posture.
HeartburnFearI trust myself and life, I am safe. I breathe deeply.
CoughSubconscious cry for help, desire to express oneself, express one’s opinionI am valued, loved and respected.
Cystold grudgesI love and accept myself. I’m fine.
LeatherConflicts with society, an attempt on individualityI am calm. I can be myself.
Knees: diseasesFear, pride, stubbornness, rigidityI forgive, accept myself and other people.
ColicIrritation, dissatisfaction with something or someoneNow I only respond to love and affection.
Blood: low blood pressureLack of love, belief in one’s own worthlessnessI live a life full of joy.
Pulmonary diseasesInability or inability to breathe deeplyI accept life in all its manifestations.
MigraineDissatisfaction with life, resistance to coercionI trust life. She will provide me with everything I need.
ThrushAngry at yourself for old mistakesLive safely. I can always change my mind. I make my decisions with love.
Urinary tract: infectionAnger at a sexual partner, shifting one’s guilt onto himI love and accept myself, I want to change. I refuse the old stereotype of thinking.
Runny noseA silent signal for help, an attempt at sadness and crying to come outI can express all emotions, I console myself in any way I want.
NeuralgiaSelf-punishment for sins, complexity in the communicative sphereI like to communicate. I forgive, love and accept myself.
AccidentsThe reaction of the opposition combined with the inability to fend for themselvesI appreciate and love myself. There is peace in my soul.
FaintingFears, feelings of inferiority and inadequacyI have the power to control my life.
ChillsDesire to withdraw into oneself, isolate oneself from societyI live in love and security.
NumbnessSuppression of respect and love, withering away of emotionsI accept love and share it.
Sloping shouldersFeelings of helplessness, the severity of life’s problemsI love and accept myself. I have a straight posture. My life is getting better every day.
DiarrheaDesire to get rid of somethingI live in harmony with the world. I have no problem absorbing and outputting anything.
cutsSelf-punishment for violation of internal rulesI create my own life. I deserve encouragement.
StretchingInternal resistance to the chosen life trajectoryI am calm, because I know that life wants only good things for me.
rheumatoid arthritisTired of pressure and responsibilitiesI am strong. I love and accept myself. My life is beautiful.
SpasmsObsessive thoughts and fearsI’m fine. I am relaxed.
AIDSNon-acceptance of oneself, belief in one’s own worthlessness, a feeling of defenselessness and uselessness.I have all the necessary abilities and skills. I am valuable. Life loves me.
Tic, convulsionsFear, dependence on someone else’s opinion, a sense of third-party observationLive safely. I accept my life and she accepts me.
FatigueUnloved job, boredomI am full of energy and enthusiasm.
Fibrocystic degenerationSelf-pity, a pessimistic view of the futureI breathe deeply. We love each other with life.
Cholesterol (high content)Inability to enjoy and enjoyI accept joy, love life. Live safely.
SnoreInability to part with habitual stereotypes of thoughts and actionsI say goodbye to a bad past. I am open to the joyful and the new.
scratchesFeeling like life is robbing youI am grateful to life for its generosity.
CelluliteAnger and self-punishmentI love life and enjoy it. I forgive others and myself.
NeckSymbolizes psychological flexibility, the ability to consider the situation from all sides.I am in good relations with life, I see multiple ways of development.
Noise in earsStubbornness, arguing with the inner voiceI trust my inner voice and listen to it. He only wants the best for me.
EpilepsyUnwillingness to live, feeling of constant struggle and persecutionMy life is eternal and joyful.
ButtocksThey symbolize inner strength. Flabbiness is a sign of weaknessI am a strong man, but I use my strength wisely.
ovariesAn analogue of creative centersI am balanced, I create.

The Psychological Causes of Disease According to Louise Hay : 101 Powerful Thoughts

Destructive stereotypes of thinking are formed under the influence of a person’s personal negative experience. Knowing the emotional causes of the disease, you can change the mind. It is this principle that underlies the Louise Hay table .

You may be surprised, but all problems and ailments from allergies and eczema to cancer arise against the backdrop of destructive thoughts. For example, problems in relationships with a partner lead to cystitis, and an old resentment provokes the development of oncology, an allergy is a sign of disgust for someone or something. And even injuries and wounds do not occur by chance. Any attempt on health is the result of a destructive attitude. Everything that is in your life, you have attracted to yourself.

It is important! Love yourself, and then the emerging inner wisdom will tell you how to live on. The power is originally laid within ourselves, you just need to want to become happy and allow yourself to be happy.

How to heal yourself: Louise Hay ‘s recommendations

According to Louise Hay , the main remedy for healing is affirmations. These are positive affirmations for self-hypnosis. In order for them to work, it is important to believe in their strength, to correctly make a statement and correctly determine the emotion that is the cause of the disease.

Affirmations for Healing

Affirmations Hey for healing will tell you how to love yourself and how to change your life. You just need to diligently analyze the essence of what has been said. In Louise’s arsenal there are affirmations for all areas of life and for all occasions. Here is an example of a happiness affirmation: “I feel happy and joyful at any moment of my life. Examples of affirmations for individual ailments can be found in the table of diseases.

You can find hundreds of affirmations in psychologist books, but you can also make up your own, unique statements. This is even better, since each person is unique. Just remember the main principles:

  • statements must be in present tense;
  • it is better to make short affirmations up to 5 words;
  • it is better to avoid denial (not, no, never).

It should be a clear and simple statement in the first person in the present tense. Repeat the affirmation at least twice a day (morning and evening).

The best books of Louise Hay

Each of Louise’s books has psychological and medical value; Hay has written more than 30 books in her life. But some of her works are in special demand.

  1. “Heal yourself.” The book helps to get rid of childhood traumas, forgive the inner child and parents, change the train of thought. Positive thinking, love and acceptance are what this book teaches. According to reviews, the book is read in one breath. For many, it has become something of a pocket allowance, an emergency aid. You can read the book over and over again.
  2. “Heal your life.” Like the previous work, the book helps to get rid of old patterns of thinking. In the book you can find affirmations and meditations for any life situation. And the techniques and exercises collected in the book are similar to psychological training.
  3. “Become happy in 21 days.” This book not only provides useful tips and practical recommendations, but also helps to distribute the work into stages and achieve the goal in just three weeks. Work with affirmations is supported by work with mirrors. The book helps to get rid of fear, resentment, negativity; increase self-esteem; unleash creativity. And that’s not all.
  4. “Life loves you.” The very title of the book is both an affirmation and a reflection of one of the main laws of the universe. Life will help you if you love it and yourself. The book contains the best tips, practices, affirmations, meditations and exercises. And also in it you can find interesting stories of real people.

It is interesting! Unfortunately, Louise will not write more new books, as the writer passed away in 2017. Louise lived for 90 years, passed away from the world a natural death in her sleep. The theoretical and practical study of psychosomatics helped her say goodbye to the ghosts of the past, live a long and happy life.

Louise Hay and her table of psychological causes of diseases, psychosomatics of diseases

The theory that any thoughts have a material basis, are embodied in our deeds and how we build relationships with others, is not new for a long time. Thoughts shape our reality, affect our well-being and cause the development of various diseases. Such statements were put forward by ancient doctors and philosophers.
Since ancient times, the doctrine of the psychological causes of diseases has come to its modern form, turning into the science of psychosomatics, the founder of which is Louise Hay .

Psychosomatics is at the intersection of medicine and psychology. It is based on the position of the relationship between the soul and the body of a person, the violation of which is the mental cause of diseases. For a more accurate understanding of this theory, the author has developed a summary table of diseases, which has been successfully used in their practice by doctors and psychologists for more than a year.

Who is Louise Hay ?

The biography of Louise Hay cannot be called completely happy, however, it was precisely the difficulties experienced on her life path that allowed the author to fully describe the mental significance of diseases, which became the most important discovery for modern psychology. The fact is that the author was diagnosed with a terrible disease, uterine cancer. But, no matter how surprising it may sound, the founder of psychosomatics was able to recover herself in just a few months, simply by analyzing the mechanisms for the development of her disease. Long reflection and constructive analysis of her life led Louise Hay to develop a table in which she presented the spiritual causes of almost all existing diseases. Using the full Louise Hay table , it is possible to visually see the negative impact of problems unresolved by a person (for example, hidden grievances, anger, anger, conflicts) on any organism, even those with good health.

However, the most valuable thing that the founder of the psychosomatic approach presented to the world of psychology and medicine is the idea that knowing the mental causes of diseases, it is possible to heal from them in a short time. Healing occurs with the help of affirmations – beliefs that are made in accordance with special rules. Knowing the emotional cause of a particular disease, and using the proposed settings for its treatment, healing is quite achievable – this is what the author says and therefore considers it his task to help people through informing about his experience.

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