Symptoms of female depression

The estimated duration of depression in women is 6-8 months. 40% of patients recover within 3 months, 60% – in the period of 6 months, 80% – in within one year, and at 5% depression continues for more than 5 years.              

With depression, the activity and performance of patients decreases , which very often leads to disability.  

When women are depressed, their need for communication decreases . Lack of interest in family members and their problems negatively affects family relationships. The inability to cope with the household, as well as the indifference or aggressive attitude towards the husband and children, can lead to the emergence of discord, including the breakdown of relationships and family breakdown. Often, with climacteric depression , irritability, anger, aggressiveness towards the husband and children appear .                

Depression in a woman negatively affects children. Difficulties appear in relationships with children due to non-fulfillment of maternal responsibilities, which can affect the mental state of children. It found that 80% of children whose mothers suffered from unipolar depression, and in 70% of children of mothers who had bipolar disorder , mental disorders have been identified depressive character. Also, the cause of depression in children is genetic factors . According to scientists, the more severe the depression in the mother, the more pronounced the psychopathological symptoms in the child. The consequences of postpartum depression are especially dangerous. newborn babies are in great need of interaction with the mother.                    

After depression is cured , social ties and family relationships are restored . But very often, marital disturbances persist after depression is cured and do not recover. After the release of the depressed women try to compensate for the lack of its own attention and love for the children, who appeared in the Depression, however, the children belong to it with mistrust. In some cases, family therapy is needed to restore family relationships .                

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