Periods of depression

Most often, depression begins to develop slowly and almost imperceptibly both for the person himself and for his loved ones. At first, usually only concern irritability, general feeling – of discomfort. At this stage, many sensations and feelings can be difficult to define, to express in words – doctors and psychologists call this symptom alexithymia .         

Character traits, which are quite common in the world of Homo sapeiens, often overlap with the initial manifestations of depression . These people and their shortcomings starts Ob – yasnyat cause depressed state and depressing.     

Osozna – Vat his illness a person begins usually only in the period when the depression had already put down roots and became a permanent cause severe suffering. According to most of the names – but this time a man comes to the need to seek help from a psychiatrist .       

The duration of a depressive episode – an important indicator for the mouth – ment of an accurate diagnosis. Typically, a depressive disorder lasts for at least two months. A depressive episode can pass and without any treatment, but this is rare, and medical statistics shows – INDICATES that those or other residual symptoms persist for approximately 75% of patients.       

For a relatively short depressive phenomena can be from – to carry some form of the so-called recurrent depressive disorder. This is postpartum depression that sometimes develops in women in labor over the course of one week to several months. SHORT-TERM – Noah depressive disorder may occur before the onset of menstruation; it affects at least 5% of women, and it manifests itself in the form of depression and irritability for one to two weeks before the onset of menstrual bleeding (premenstrual syndrome).             

According to a number of studies, severe depressive disorders become chronic in about 30-35% of cases. In 70% of survivors of the first depressive episode, there are repeated “at – a stupa.” The transition of a “major depressive episode” into a chronic form is observed in 10% of men who have undergone it and in 20% of women.          

Depression is prone to relapses, exacerbations, chronic course . Moreover, it often recurs in those who have suffered a first depression – ny episode at the age of 20 years.      

According to the data of Russian scientists, in every fifth patient depres- – And this is delayed by about two years. Before the start of the use of antide – pressantov this episode lasted no less than one year. At current IU – todah treatment of depression is usually an expression of her symptoms subside within 4-6 weeks, further over 3-6 months of taking an antidepressant selected, it gradually fades. However, in the future req – Dim the transition to drugs, excluding the repeated recurrence of depression, the so-called mood stabilizers, which also take on for several months.                  

Without treatment, depression is usually progressive, sometimes “freezes,” you – matyvaya man his symptoms , though not pronounced, but quite painful. According as it flows exacerbations become more frequent, becoming longer, and the intervals between episodes of this – of mental disorders are shortened. After five to six episodes, the duration of the interval between them is set at six to nine months and even less often. It is noted that in the future relapses may Stano – curl more rare, and in lifelong Depressed people experience about seven – nine episodes of depression. You can also ska – to show that the mental trauma and psychological factors on the extent of the disease gradually lose its relevance, is not playing a significant role in exacerbating the disease.  

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