Summer depression

Summer is a time of rest, vacations, flowering trees, flowers and exciting trips. But even during this wonderful period, a disorder such as summer depression can occur. With the summer depression, the whole world does not seem bright and joyful, but gloomy and dreary.        

Scientists have found that among seasonal affective disorders, there is also a summer variant. However, in contrast to winter seasonal affective disorder, when you want to go into hibernation, with summer disorder, there is increased excitability.    

Summer depression symptoms

The main signs of summer depression are:

  • decreased performance;
  • difficulty concentrating ; 
  • anxiety;
  • anxiety;
  • irritability;
  • increased fatigue;
  • eating disorders, decreased appetite;
  • isolation;
  • sleep disorders, hypersomnia ;
  • weight loss;
  • increased excitability.

Scientists note that some people have a predisposition to this particular type of seasonal affective disorder. They also found out that this is directly related to poor heat tolerance and high humidity.    

There are many explanations for this seasonal disorder, one of which is fever, which is very difficult for many people to tolerate. Also, the occurrence of summer depression is explained by a change in the usual way of life: a long day and a short night, a change in the daily routine, lack of sleep, and as a result, a decrease in performance and a bad mood throughout the day. Also, a common cause of summer depression is dissatisfaction with their appearance. Because of their complexes, some people are embarrassed to show up in swimsuits and open clothes on the beach, and therefore they feel uncomfortable and anxious. Swimwear and open-toed clothing are uncomfortable and embarrassing.               

Summer depression treatment

How to deal with summer depression or prevent it altogether? First, it is worth observing the sleep-wake regime, trying to get enough sleep. If the heat is sweltering outside , do not quit playing sports. Exercise is the key to a good mood. Serotonin helps to get rid of depression – the hormone of joy, which is found in bananas and chocolate, which are useful, of course, in reasonable quantities, because very high in calories.             

When treating summer depression, follow these tips:

  • be in cool, air-conditioned rooms more often ;  
  • take a vacation and travel to the northern countries;  
  • Eat eat vegetables and fruits, drink plenty of water and juices;  
  • improve your mood in different ways;
  • see a psychologist or psychotherapist.

How to avoid summer depression

Ways to prevent summer depression:

  • create suitable conditions at home and at work for heat tolerance;  
  • eat regularly and in a balanced way; 
  • keep yourself busy regardless of seasonal changes. 

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