Winter depression

Winter depression, or winter affective disorder, is an emotional disorder that is a type of seasonal depression, characterized by low mood, irritability, decreased self-esteem, and cognitive impairment (difficulty concentrating, memory impairment).   

Inhabitants of northern countries usually suffer from winter depression, women are more likely than men to suffer from it. Many scientists argue that the main cause of this disorder is a lack of light during the day during the winter season. Lack of sunlight negatively affects the work of the hypothalamus, the balance of melatonin and serotonin is disturbed . Symptoms of seasonal disorder can begin in early fall. Some people react very hard to seasonal depression, while others experience only mild symptoms of the disorder.         

Symptoms of winter depression

The main signs of winter depression are:

  • violations of the emotional sphere: low mood, feelings of despair, guilt, low self-esteem, loss of interest in favorite activities, anxiety, irritability; 
  • cognitive impairment: difficulty concentrating , memory impairment, low intellectual activity; 
  • sleep disturbances, insomnia;
  • reduced performance;
  • changes in appetite, a great need for sweet, carbohydrate-rich foods; 
  • decreased libido;
  • digestive disorders
  • weakening of immunity;
  • social problems (problems in the family, at work), isolation, conflict.  

In winter depression, many of the above symptoms are observed . 

The winter depression usually goes away in the spring. Mood swings, hyperactivity , and anxiety may occur . Also, signs of depression may gradually disappear.

People often suffer from latent winter depression, characterized by apathy, lethargy, fatigue, lethargy, insomnia, and eating disorders. 

Winter depression can develop between the ages of 18 and 30 , and if the disease is severe, you need to see a psychologist as soon as possible . there may be a risk of suicide, alcohol dependence, etc.        

Winter Depression Treatment

Light is the main treatment and prevention of winter depression. its main reason is lack of light. Thus, the main method of treatment is the so-called light therapy , for which bright light sources are used.     

One of the most effective means of fighting depression is sports. Exercise has a beneficial effect on the entire body and is a powerful antidepressant. Daily 20 minutes of light exercise will keep you in shape. Walking in the fresh air, dancing, listening to your favorite music also help to cope with symptoms of depression . When it comes to nutrition, a strict diet can only exacerbate the disorder. It was found that people who eat food with a sufficient amount of B vitamins are less likely to suffer from depression . It is necessary to eat foods such as meat, eggs, milk, fish, cheese. We must not forget about vitamins and minerals. Fruits, vegetables, decoctions of wild rose berries, cranberries, as well as freshly squeezed juices are very useful . Try to lead an active lifestyle, visit theaters, exhibitions, try to meet with friends more often , and going to the bathhouse or beauty salon will improve your mood and well-being.         

Get creative, an exciting hobby will help banish the blues.
Also aromatherapy – bath with essential oils, massage will help you to cheer up .  

During the winter depression, please yourself with little things. Eat a small bar of chocolate every day, watch your favorite movies. And of course, greet every day with a smile, be optimistic.  

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