I believe that no one should face difficult times alone. The emotional pain of stress, anxiety, depression, or relationship issues might have left you feeling isolated and lonely at the time when human contact is needed most. Opening up to your friends or family can be hard. By being warm, empathic, and non-judgmental, I provide a safe space where you can express yourself and feel seen and understood.

I work with clients navigating difficult life transitions, and young adults struggling to figure out who they are and what they want in life. I help straight and gay couples to deal with infidelities, illnesses, and communication issues.

Julia Chislenko

I have extensive postgraduate training in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis, and a diverse range of experience that includes outpatient mental health clinic and private practice. My previous academic and Wall Street career has provided me with a particular sensitivity to the kinds of problems that arise at school and in high-paced work environments, and the stress you might feel of balancing the demands of your career and personal life.

Our work together can help you heal, find the strength to face challenges, get to know yourself better, and ultimately lead a more aware, fulfilling life.

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