Where are medical products produced?

All items provided on the site are produced in India.

Is a prescription asked for?

We do not need a prescription. However, we highly recommend to consult a doctor before taking any medical products.

How to pay for an order?

Placing an order, you will see a billing page, where you should enter your banking details. All data are well secured. When you have entered this data, money will be charged from your bank account. Make sure to have enough sum of money on the bank account.

Do you accept credit cards?

We work with international payment systems Visa and MasterCard.

Do you accept cash?

We do not accept cash. Your order has to be fully paid before we will send it to you.

Where can I find the needed dosage?

If you need to take 100 mg, and you see just 50 mg, you may take two pills of 50 mg.

If you need just 50 mg, and just 100 mg is available, you may divide the pill. In any case, you may contact our customer support, and they will help you to find the needed dosage.

How are the pills packed?

Each pill comes in a blister. There are 10 or 8 pills in the blister. We pack these blisters into a tight envelope. No one will know that you have bought medications.

Do you sell outdated medications?

No, we do not. We carefully check every blister before sending it to a customer. All expired medications are properly disposed. An expiration date is printed on every blister.

Who may buy medications on your site?

A person of the full legal age may buy medications. We do not sell medicines to children.

When will you send my package?

All orders are processed within 24 hours. When your payment has been received, we pack your pills and send it the next day. We do not send packages on weekends.

Why is my package delayed?

There are unforeseen situations that may impact the delivery terms. These are weather conditions, holidays, or customs inspections. If you have not received your package within 4 weeks, please contact us, and we will offer you solutions.

How do you deliver medicines?

We work with international delivery systems. These are EMS and AirMail options. Orders at a cost of more than $200 will be sent free of charge.

What to do if I got the wrong medicine?

Such situations are seldom, but still may happen. In this case, contact our customer support right away and explain the situation. They may ask for your order number or a tracking number. We will send you another package with the pills you have ordered free of charge.

Will Effexor cause any side effects?

Any medical products may cause negative symptoms. It depends on your body, how well it will accept the active ingredients. We do not give any guarantee that this drug will be well tolerated. If some side effects occur, please, go to a doctor right away. In any case, you have to talk to your doctor before taking any medicine.

Do you have quality certificates?

We work with tried-and-true suppliers. Each batch of medical products is thoroughly checked. All medicines are supplied directly from the factories of the manufacturer, and so we guarantee a high quality of the pills. We do not want to compromise our customers’ health.

Will you deliver the package to my house?

We provide courier services, and a courier will deliver your package to an address you have mentioned (whether it is your home address, or your office address). As to the rest, a postman may leave you a note to come to the post office and take the package.

Why do your pills differ from the pills in the pharmacy?

We also sell Generic medications. It means that they have the same active ingredient but have another name and may look differently. The pills may be of another color, or have another shape. It is normal. The action of the pills we sell are just the same as the pills in a regular pharmacy.

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